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Environmental Cleaning

Environmental cleaning is more than just covering up odors and pollutants. It is cleansing the air to remove the offending particles and molecules of gases. We use an Electrostatic Sprayer that disperses billions of nano-sized particles in a magnetized cloud that envelops and adheres to every surface sprayed. The product sprayed is EPA registered as a hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and super effective odor eliminator. In addition is doesn´t irritate the skin. It kills 99.999% of bacteria, including Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria in less than a minute. This is an important component of cleaning for a healthy environment.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning provides a clean environment for you to work in. Clean Green Janitorial Corp will look for ways to enhance your work environment through our cleaning practices, environment cleaning, and with the prevention of cross-contamination. We understand the importance of providing excellent janitorial services in all types of offices.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Upon constructing a new building or a space for a tenant, this requires a clean environment and preparation for the new occupants. Our company cleans and removes construction debris for recycling, and provides a detailed cleaning just prior to tenancy. New tenants will find the space move-in ready, clean, and organized so your business can go on avoiding inconveniences. Visitors to the constructed site will value the level of cleaning that has been done, and will feel comfortable when returning to the area.

Pressure Washing, Tile & Grout Cleaning

Pressure washing to exterior surfaces delivers an attractive appearance to customers or guests. This is done by removing gum, spillsm oils, moss, and other pollutants. Clean Green Janitorial Corp can restore and clean all ceramic tile and grout surfaces, including showers, tubs, bathroom floors, kitchen floors, tiled halls, entryways, countertops, and more.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is a fundamental cleaning service vital to the maintenance of a building. Clean Green Janitorial Corp offers this service and can provide window cleaning up to three levels. Many can suppose that dirty windows indicate a dirty building. Clean windows illuminate the inside of homes and buildings. We remove dirt, grime, and bird deposits, making the windows sparkle in any foundation.

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture can absorb odors, pet residues, smoke, and other pollutants. This can produce an unpleasant blend of odors that can be removed by a profound cleaning. Using techniques and products that are both safe for furniture and all living beings, Clean Green Janitorial Corp can clean and restore it.


Healthcare Facility Maintenance

As health issues are expanding and becoming more critical, health care facilities are now looking for inexpensive ways to provide a clean environment for patients and their employees. Clean Green Janitorial Corp understands this importance and offers maintenance to all healthcare facilities. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff members that grant our clients with the highest level of cleaning in this critical environment.

Floor Maintenance: Floor Stripping, Refinishing and Carpet Cleaning

Many times a location is judge by the presentation of the floors, so customers comprehend the requirement of keeping them spotless and well maintained. Furthermore, safety is a greater problem because there may be a risk of slipping and falling. Clean Green utilizes equipment, procedures, and products that enhance a floor while minimizing the chances of potencial slips and falls. If you choose us, your floors will look as they were intended to. In addition, you will have the tranquility in knowing that those who walk on them will be safe. We also offer floor stripping and refinishing. Additionally, we also provide carpet cleaning; this includes spotting, maintenance cleaning, and heavy cleaning.

General Maintenance & Handy Man Services

General Maintenance is a wide-ranging term which covers a variety of commercial and residential services. This service includes window washing, mopping of floors, vacuuming. It can also be categorized as handy man services. Clean Green Janitorial Corp does all those little repairs and fixes necessary. We can fix a squeaky door, replace broken windows, touch up paint, paint, patching holes in walls, fix toilet seats, replace light bulbs, fix leaky faucets, sweep sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, and also empty of garbage cans.

Post-Tenant Cleaning & Repairs

After a tenant moves out the location will need cleaning and enhancement to an almost new condition. Clean Green Janitorial Corp offers this service and assesses the tasks that are to be taken care of by preparing a checklist of these tasks. Such tasks are repairs, painting, cleaning, and other necessary tasks. The landlord can set up a time limit and schedule for the location to be cleaned, restored, and repaired in swiftly.

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We have 19 years of experience in this industry offering constant, firs-rate, worriless cleaning day after day and all year long. All of our work is 100% guaranteed for your satisfaction.

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Our employees are trained in OSHA requirements and cleaning standards. / Sincere, reliable labor is offered by our competent staff members.

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Payments made to us covers commercial liability insurance and worker´s compensation insurance.

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We respond immediately to extra request. / Reasonable, completive fees and a very flexible schedule are offered for your convenience.

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